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We're very thankful for the sponsorship of Shoreline Recycling of The Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon.  We welcomed them last year and we started to show you a little about what they do and why.  This year, we're going to do a series of stories about exactly what Shoreline Recycling is all about.  

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The first thing.  There's a pretty rich history here.  Shoreline Recycling is a division of Padnos a company that's been around since 1905 and they help keep Muskegon and all the areas they serve clean and they will even pay you for your help in doing just that.  They take recyclables of all sorts.  They pay top dollar for your recyclable metal, electronics and more.  They have the facilities to have you drive on the lot with your truck or trailer filled or they can get you a roll away or dumpster delivered and you can load it right up.  Got a big job?  Think about Padnos as your partner in clean up.  They have staff who will establish a relationship with you and help you get every bit of value from what's being removed and you will be returning our precious resources back into use somewhere else instead of some landfill somewhere.

The next thing.  The customer service.  Any time I've been down at Shoreline Recycling, they seem to know their regular customers by name.  They are welcoming to everyone and strive to build a relationship with those who do business with them.  The reach out into the community to support events and causes and they are active in making Muskegon a better place for everyone in practice not just talking about it.

Kurt Alderink is the point guy in Muskegon and over the course of the next couple of months, Kurt is going to take us on a stroll across the facilities down on Ottawa Street in Muskegon.  Today, we make an introduction and we take a look at stainless and cast iron recyclables.  What they are worth...where they go and how you can make a few bucks!  Take a listen!

Stay tuned!  We'll be showing you more of what goes on at Shoreline Recycling this Summer!  There are some pretty interesting shows coming up and they all feature ways you can make a few bucks for helping keep Muskegon clean and beautiful and preserving natural resources for years to come.  If you'd like to know more about Shoreline Recycling and Padnos, click on the photo below to visit their website.