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Thu, May

Gaberielle Butterfield Talks Ride With Pride With Muskegon ALI at Orchard View

Muskegon Metro Area News
According to the MDHHS youth binge drinking 2015 in Michigan survey 12.8% of teen Boys and teen 12.2% of girls admitted to have at least 5 or more drinks on any one occasion. If we look at drinking by grade in the High School then Seniors would lead with 23.4% of all teens in Michigan who binge drank at least once in a 30-day time period and Freshman are the least amount with 6.2%. To make this number more personal in 2016 there was 690 students in the Orchard View High School. Taking the statistics that I have just mentioned, out of those 690 students 88.32 Teen boys and 84.18 Teen girls would have drank 5 or more alcoholic beverages on just one occasion. 
Because of these statistics and many more the Ride with Pride Pledge was born. Ride with Pride is a collaboration between the Muskegon Township Police Department, Orchard View High School, the Muskegon Alcohol Liability Initiative and Great Lakes Ford of Muskegon. Ride with Pride is to promote safe driving and positive behavior. At the beginning of the school year the students have to sign a pledge with terms and conditions that they have to be able to follow. Some of these terms are: I pledge to not drink alcoholic beverages, I pledge to not text while driving, I pledge to wear a seatbelt, I will not get suspended, I will not exceed the attendance policy.
If the students are able to follow all of the terms the students will be entered to will some awesome prizes including a Moped and Car! After the local law enforcement and the school have checked the records of all the finalists each will be entered into a drawing that is completely random. From the drawing 5 students were chosen for each the Car and Moped to then have a chance to pull a key out of a bag to then see who the final winner was. 
I was able to join in on all of the fun at the assembly that was held to end this awesome event. The atmosphere was filled with happiness and so much pride you couldn’t help but feel it. I hope that you are able to feel the emotions through the video, so join me as I talk with Vice Principal Samantha and the winner of the car and moped.  Take a listen.