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Muskegon Metro Area
CANCER.... Ugh!!!!.... It touches everyone's life in one way or another.... Whether we know someone or we, ourselves are battling this beyond horrible disease.   But we all can help.... This coming Friday, June 1 at 2pm through Saturday, June 2 to 2pm we're encouraging everyone to join us at the Mona Shores High School track for the annual, bigger and better than ever MUSKEGON COUNTY RELAY FOR LIFE.  
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After sitting down with Jim Engels, Kasey Rose and Taylor Chrisman I found out so much more about the incredible staff of volunteers that is putting together an incredibly inspirational, uplifting, fun 24 event to help raise as many funds and awareness as possible for our Muskegon County cancer patients and families.   Not only are these important funds raised helping to find cures through research....but they are also helping patients and families handle life more easily while going through treatments. 
On June 1 and 2 at the Mona Shores High school track there will so many different touching, moving, fun events happening non stop for 24 hours.   Amazing opening and closing ceremonies. ... Drum cardio, costume parade and contest, the Luminaria Ceremony, Fit Body Bootcamp, Kids Ceremony and kids activities, Silent Auction and so much more!
If you would like to sigh up yourself or a team there are multiple registration dates and times. Mercy Johnson Family Cancer Center located on Sherman Blvd.....1pm to 3pm on these dates:
5/17, 5/21, 5/23, 5/25....  
For more information on the Muskegon County Relay for Life event, or to join up and help the cause... click on the photo below to visit their website.