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Cole's Breads Celebrates 75 Years in Muskegon With a Free Party for All May 26th

Muskegon Metro Area News

75 Years is a milestone in anything, but when you think of 75 years for a company in Michigan, and even Muskegon Michigan, it's time to think about a serious party!  Cole's Quality Foods was founded back in 1943 as Cole's bakery by Caroll L Cole.  They made it all.  Cakes, doughnuts, specialty items and more.  They had a quaint store front a humble delivery van and a desire to make sure that quality and deliciousness were in every product they sold.  As time went on, they became the very first company to sell frozen garlic bread when Wes Devon took the helm in 1973.  From there...well, let's just say they had to build a 9 story freezer for a reason.  Things kind of took off and spaghetti night and the family barbecue was forever changed by the taste, ease and affordability of a ready to heat and serve loaf of delicious garlic bread that went from freezer to table in about 10 minutes.  Innovation happens in Muskegon every day and we can proudly say we innovated garlic bread.  

Since then, Cole's has expanded and continued to offer new and exciting products.  Recently, they have added a line of gourmet flavored breads, tantalizing bread sticks and the most recent addition are "Middles" where you'll find bread, bagel and pretzel food items stuffed with cheesy goodness and flavors that will delight any palate.  The manufacturing continues in Muskegon.  The have some offices in Grand Rapids as well as North Liberty Iowa and the continue to employ a lot of great people who take a huge amount of pride in the products they make and communities they work in.

Now, on to the party!  It's free to get into at Heritage Landing this Saturday May 26th.  The events get underway at 5 with music fro Pop Fiction, The Ultimate Taste Band (Motown tribute), and Yard Sale Underwear leading right up to the huge fireworks show that's said to rival the 4th of July.  It's open to the public to enjoy the music and entertainment.  There will be food trucks and beverage tents.  It's open to all ages, but if you plan on drinking you will need your ID.  For the kids....lot's of activities...games, face painting, interactive activities and more.  There will be a VIP area for Cole's employees and guests, why shouldn't there be...it is after all their company party and we're being invited!  What a night it's going to be at Heritage Landing. 

Alexis Reininger is the Consumer Ambassador for all things Cole's.  We're going to talk a little about the history of the company, their outreach into the communities they serve and this big, massive, huge, fun and free party for everyone this weekend in Muskegon.  At the end of our chat, stick around because you are going to get an exclusive look into what goes into making some of Cole's products.  It's a really great thing to watch happen and to be there filming...the smell....heavenly.  Take a listen.   


We have an awful lot to be proud of with Cole's rich history in Muskegon and for the company to make the party open to all says a lot about how they feel about their hometown.  It could be a swanky affair at a country club, or maybe they could just have cake at the plant...but they want a party for everyone, so pack up the kids and head to Heritage Landing Saturday night.  Gates open at 5 and we can all enjoy a night celebrating one of our longest standing business in Muskegon... Cole's. Visit https://www.facebook.com/events/365726643907855/ for more information.