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Sun, May

Day Day Plus 74 June 2nd - Muskegon Remembers With Annual Observance

Muskegon Metro Area News

74 years later.  It's an unimaginable reality that the majority of people alive today will never understand.  D-Day was an unspeakable endeavor that was undertaken by a President who faced a great amount of backlash from people who didn't want the US involved.  In the long term tho, it had to happen, the European theater was under siege by Hitler and he was showing no signs of stopping until he rid the world of anyone he deemed secondary. 

It's been said that history that is forgotten is doomed to repeat itself.  While we certainly hope no one ever has to endure the horror or war, we can't let our younger generations go without the knowledge of just what a war does.  Our WW2 vets are dying at about 400 a day now, and it won't be long until there is no one left to tell the tale of the "Greatest Generation".  They were not the generation that was known to talk much about their accomplishments or even more, what haunted them in the long term.  We can't risk letting our future generations not knowing what it took to defeat the Access of Evil. 

D-Day Plus 74 is happening again this year at the Mart Dock and the LST 393 Museum.  It's a commemoration encompassing a history lesson, some entertainment, some opportunity to learn hands on and above all, it's a day to be a part of the community and remember together.  It's a free event with lots to see and do.  There are activities Friday night and all day Saturday, including a mock air raid, free tours of the LST 393, the Northside Lions Club will be doing their pancake breakfast on Saturday morning.  Need to bust a move 40's style?  There is a swing dance on board the LST Friday night for a small donation, like pin up girls...there will be some very tasteful period inspired pin up's.  It's a BIG couple of days.  

It's all being put on by Rolling Thunder Michigan Chapter 4.  It's a group that works to remind people that there are still POW/MIA men and women out there.  In fact, they are still finding soldiers from the Vietnam War today and bringing them home.  Part of the mission is to advocate for the POW's and part of their mission is to educate people on what we can't forget.  Chris "Lefty" Johnson is the guy we've been working with since D-Day plus 72.  We caught up with him at the LST 393 to hear about this years event.

Bring the family.  If you've got kids, slip in a history lesson while you give them and activity they won't soon forget.  It's going to be a beautiful day on the lake and Muskegon is excited to welcome you.  The LST 393 was part of the original landing and now rests here in Muskegon.  It's a natural treasure and we're happy to share it with those who visit.  Rolling Thunder will continue their mission to help the POW and MIA soldiers and if you'd like to learn more about their group, visit http://www.rollingthundermi4.com/ for more information.