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Ride United June 16th With the United Way of the Lakeshore

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It's a year long celebration of the United Way of the Lakeshore.  100 years of service in and around Muskegon. In that time, so much has been done for the community that you'd think it should all be done, right?  Well, that's not quite the case unfortunately.  The United Way's work continues to help bridge the gap for so many in and around Muskegon.  They work tirelessly to help raise awareness about community issues.  Raise funds to help meet needs, provide funding for other community programs as well as be a spot for community engagement to to happen on both a large and small scale.  Everything from the United Way's Day of Caring to community labor partnerships, youth activities and engagement the Urban Safety Corps and emergency food and shelter programs are all facilitated through the United Way.  

Visit the United Way of the Lakeshore on FacebookGets to be Summer, and The United Way could easily be part of our tourism here in Muskegon too.  What a chance you have if you a cyclist to enjoy some of the most scenic views in Michigan while you peddle away on your choice of courses from 6-100 miles in the annual Ride United event that's happening June 16th.  It kicks off for the 100 mile riders at 8am in Downtown Muskegon and as the ride unfolds, not only will you find the picturesque beauty of the shoreline, you'll find plenty of respite stops and aid stations along the way.  Need a drink or a snack?  They will be waiting.  Need a repair along the way?  They will be on hand to assist.  It's a first class cycling experience for any skill level and one you'll want to come back and do again.  Best part is, the whole experience will help you raise a few bucks for the United Way to continue their great work.  When it's over...you're returning to Downtown Muskegon and as luck would have it... Taste of Muskegon is going on and you'll probably need some "carbs"...so there will be some beverage tickets waiting for you to help wet your whistle while you talk about the days adventure.   

I was joined by Jana Routt and Kara Zielinski of The United Way to talk about the day and the event.  Take a listen to our chat about all things Ride United.

It's a great way to get out and have some fun...for a purpose.  Ride United is a purposeful event designed to showcase the best Muskegon and surrounding areas have to offer with the natural beauty of it all as well as help an incredible organization out who's focus for over 100 years has been making this community a more stable place for everyone.  If Ride United sounds like something you'd enjoy,visit https://www.unitedwaylakeshore.org/ride-united and get yourself signed up!  We'll see you here June 16th!!


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