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Muskegon Smart Commute Week Coming Up June 11th-15th

Muskegon Metro Area News

How about an alternative way to get yourself to work?  Day in and day out...you get up....you get ready....you head to the car, you might stop for a cup of coffee, you make the same drive with the same atmosphere and the same people around you...it's called the "routine" and once in a while, it might be a good thing to break up.  

Kind of the idea behind the Muskegon Area Smart Commute Week happening June 11th-15th.  Think of your morning commute on your bike as a way to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Muskegon we are so lucky to have.  Think of using the MATS system to see how our public transit system operates efficiently and on time.  Taken a walk lately?  Can you walk to work or a meeting?  Maybe call some friends and car pool....catch up on the gossip and news.  It's all an effort to do a few things.  Reduce the amount of pollution in the air, help you be a little healthier if you choose to walk or bike and it's a great effort to showcase Muskegon instead of going through it at 75 miles an hour on 31 as you try and do your hair and get in that last cup of coffee on your way in.

Sounds fun, but what's in it for me?  You might ask.  Well, area business and organizations have teamed up to provide some pretty cool prizes and gifts for those who participate.  You could find yourself dining out at one of our great area restaurants.  You could get your hands on some Lakeshore Community Cash that can be spent at any number of participating retailers and it's all based on the honor system.  You do the work, you enter your points and a the end of the week, they will be tallied up and you could be the big winner.  Of course, it's really not about the prizes...it's about a different way to do things, if only for a week and a chance to make a little difference in your life and the community.

Scott Blease is with the Muskegon Area Smart Commute and we met up at his office Access Health to talk about the event, the incentives and how you can participate in all of it.  Take a listen.

 Give it a shot!  Spend a day doing something different or spend a week trying different ways of doing the daily grind!  Get out of the "rut" and enjoy a little Muskegon Summer with the Muskegon Area Smart Commute Week.  To visit their website at http://www.muskegonsmartcommute.com/