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Shoreline Recycling of Muskegon Part 2 - Used Appliances

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This Summer we're working with our sponsor Shoreline Recycling to show you the benefits form more than just one angle about just how beneficial recycling is for not only the community, but for your bottom line as well.  We were given full access and a guided tour through the entire facility to show you just what goes into the operation and how they work to not only keep Muskegon clean but take our precious resources and reuse them.  Believe it or not, we have a finite supply of things like metal on this planet.  We also have a duty to protect our big blue marble from the mounds and mounds of garbage we generate and if something can be recycled and reused why wouldn't you wan to take Shoreline Recycling up on their offer to PAY YOU for your stuff?  The landfill is one thing but...your junk is cash as Shoreline Recycling and we're showing you how to earn it this summer.

Today, Kurt Alderink is taking us out into the yard to talk about recycling things from around your home.  Washer or dryer give up?  Couple of dead computers sitting there?  Is your garage fridge about to die?  Maybe you've got something around the house like an old water heater or parts from cars you worked on etc.  Hey...all of that stuff is money in the bank.  There is hidden value in all of that stuff and there are those too who can actually get out and make a living by picking up these kind of things in bulk to bring down a few loads a day to Shoreline Recycling to take the money and run.  That line of work might not be for everyone, but, everyone does have stuff they need to get rid of so instead of just taking it to the dump...bring it to Shoreline Recycling on Ottawa Street in Muskegon and let them throw you a few bucks for doing the right thing.

Kurt and I are out by the appliance pile and talking about the process and pay off... take a listen.


Shoreline Recycling is not just a scrap yard.  I'll tell ya.  They are a customer service company first and foremost.  They take amazing care of their customers if they are occasional visitors or there daily.  There are special customer days, they do give away's for their clients and they even have specialists who can help your business if you generate a lot of scrap.  Think about that if you run a car repair shop or an industrial production outfit.  Get paid for your waste!!  Shoreline Recycling makes it happen.  They are great stewards of community and their work protects generations in the future by taking what was an making it new again.  Our thanks to Shoreline Recycling for their sponsorship of The Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon.  To learn more, visit https://padnos.com/ .

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