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Muskegon Metro Area News

Monday night, July 16th Muskegon Community College hosted a candidate forum for Democratic candidates who are running for the Michigan Senate as well as the Michigan House of Representatives.  The candidates were given the chance to speak on a number of topics and share their thoughts on them. 


Kimon Kotos is a local video journalist and he captured the discussion.  We have put it on Youtube and have left all branding off of it, to give both candidates equal chance to share their views with you. 

We've tried to share this direct to social media, however we've experienced some difficulty we believe due to the length.  We thought we'd run it here for you to view so you can make your best decision on August 7th when you vote.

Here is what Tanya Cabala and Andy O'Riley had to say during their forum.

We ask that you vote August 7th.  Thanks for watching.