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Completion and Ribbon Cutting at the Fred Meijer Berry Junction Trail in Muskegon

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It's been a long time coming.  A long, long time.  Actually...a really long, long time and a lot of effort put in by lots and lots of people but it's finally done and the time to celebrate came July 20th 2018 at the official ribbon cutting ceremony happened.  Dignitaries spoke, applause was given and a major piece of the puzzle was put together in the bike path and trail system in West Michigan that connects miles and miles of bike trails in Muskegon and beyond! 

The trail itself site between the shores of Lake Michigan and The Manistee National Forest and it's mostly peaceful forests, meadows and you do get a stretch of it that swings by a little place called Michigan's Adventure where you'll enjoy screams of delight as people enjoy time on the Shivering Timbers Roller Coaster.

To reach the southern trail-head from the south, take US 31 northbound, exiting left to North Muskegon (Exit 116). Keep right on State Route 120 north for 1.4 miles. Continue straight on Whitehall Road for 3.3 miles to McMillan Road. Turn right on McMillan Road and continue 0.3 miles to parking and the trail-head.

To reach the northern trail-head from the north, take US 31 southbound to White Lake Drive (Exit 126). Turn right (west) onto White Lake Drive and continue 2.1 miles to the trail crossing.

We brought the camera to the ribbon cutting and taped the whole thing. We thought maybe with all the work that went into it, you might enjoy hearing from those who helped make it happen so let's let the event play out as it happened live.  Take a listen below.

That's how it all got done!  Congratulations to everyone who helped and mad this happen!  If you'd like to know more about the Fred Meijer Berry Junction Trail, head to https://www.traillink.com/trail/fred-meijer-berry-junction-trail/ visit their site and learn more!  Now, go hit the trails!


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