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Miss Shoreline Scholarship Pageant - A Night With Miss Michigan August 3rd

Muskegon Metro Area News

Let's go back a bit.  For 68 years, there has been a pageant for young women here in Muskegon.  It's had a few different names, but the overall approach has been the same.  Giving young women a chance to compete for scholarships while showcasing some talent and learning some soft skills that will benefit them in the long run no matter what career path they pick.  They learn public speaking, one on one engagement, self confidence and more.  It also gives them a chance to get a good chunk of their education paid for and a pretty amazing once in a lifetime experience of the possibility of becoming Miss America.  To many young women and families, it's a builder of confidence while working to attain goals and develop as an adult.  

This year, Miss Shoreline Emily Sioma went on to become Miss Michigan and will be heading off to compete in the Miss America Pageant, but not before she spends an evening out on the lake with friends and fans.  You have a chance to be a part of this great event too.  August 3rd you'll be able to be a part of the reemergence of what was the Port City Princess.  You'll be there for the new name, the christening and the first ride.  The cruise itself is 21 and older.  There will be food, drink and entertainment.   The event on shore will be free, but the VIP cruise is a $50 donation to the Scholarship Program.  It will be well worth the help you give to the organization.

Morgan Buck is a former participant in the pageant as well as part of the board who's working to revitalize this great program for young women.  I have also had the pleasure of knowing Morgan since she was a kid.  To watch her grow into the confident young woman she's become has been incredible.  We caught up in front of the LST 393 at the Mart Dock in Muskegon, as the ship formerly known as the Port City Princess is getting a makeover in a secret location.  We talk about the event as well as what the pageant experience has meant to her.  Take a listen.

If you're all about the pageant or just want a chance to be a part of the inagural cruise on the timeless ship here in Muskegon, August 3rd is a great chance.  Miss Shoreline has a new outlook and focus and the young women who compete in it, we hope go on to do amazing things and represent us well.  It's a time of great new things happening in Muskegon and some of the old standards are getting a new start as well!  It's good to know that people who had such a positive experience with the Scholarship Program in the past are pointing it in a new direction.  To learn more, visit https://www.miss-shoreline.org/ .