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DUE Apparel Of Muskegon - Gaberielle Butterfield Has the Story

Muskegon Metro Area News
Are you looking for a clothing line that is not only comfortable to wear but looks good and doesn't cost an arm and leg to purchase. Sounds like something that is only in your dreams right. Well I have found a clothing company that is just that and so much more. 
Today I had the pleasure of meeting with DeMarrio (the owner and CEO) and Adonis (the COO) of Due Custome Apparel. Due Custom Apparel is an urban athletic clothing line with a purpose and meaning. Due is actually an acronym for Diligence Uncovers Everything. In the words of the owner DeMarrio “DUE Custom Apparel isn’t just a brand or just a dove on clothing. It’s stands for something deeper, something meaningful. Diligence Uncovers Everything aka “DUE” speaks of the that thing you have in your heart that brings on a pursuit of achieving your dreams. Accomplishing a goal like graduating from college receiving that degree you worked hard for. Like playing a sport you have a passion for, pushing yourself to get better in becoming the best player you can be. Anything you pursue takes faith, takes *Diligence*, takes time, takes patience. In that process you get a sense of ” I can do this” even when the future is unknown you still push through every obstacle that comes your way which *Uncovers* something within you… A confidence you didn’t know you had in you. In knowing of that confidence to achieve anything with the opportunity of unlocking *Everything*. Bringing about a Peace which the Dove with an olive branch is symbolic of, while being content and grateful in the process. In all, DUE Custom Apparel isn’t just a brand but the brand with purpose.”
DeMarrio and Adonis are working hard to get ready for their fall line that is going to be coming out really soon. They also have just opened their Etsy store as well as the Facebook page and they will be launching a website really soon as well. Right now, you if you visit their site you will be able to purchase men and women's T-shirts and tanks and long-sleeved shirts. I have also seen Ball caps, purses, bomber jackets. Leggings, sweatpants and bags.
If your not looking for something to add to your wardrobe you can still help these two wonderful men take Muskegon global by sharing their page, this video and just spreading the word. Thank you for taking time to learn about this awesome company, learn more at https://www.facebook.com/DueCustomApparel/