Mon, Oct

Muskegon Metro Area

It's been another great Summer at Shoreline Recycling.  We've done what we can to show you how you can not only help Muskegon stay clean and continue to rebound like it is, but we're also showing you how to make a buck along the way by getting top dollar for your recyclable materials from scrap metal to appliances, old computers to car parts that have outlived their livelihood.


Shoreline Recycling has been in the business if not only keeping the communities they serve beautiful for generations, they have also been stewards of our limited natural resources.  We have finite amounts of things like metal so we have to recycle and reuse them.  You can recycle for a living or you can just recycle on occasion, but after our Summer series, it's pretty apparent, you should not just take anything you can get a few bucks for to the landfill.  Hey, something is better than nothing right? jamie and kurtFollow Shoreline Recycling on Facebook

Shoreline Recycling pays top dollar for all of your recyclable metal, electronics, plastics and more.  You can work with them on a corporate level as well if your industry generates a lot of scrap.  They are an outstanding partner to the community and business world!

Our last visit this season...The Bailer.  This is the end of the line for everything at Shoreline Recycling.  From here, Kurt Alderink explains that it's back on a truck and back to the plant where it will find new life, and start all over again.  Let's take one more visit to Shoreline Recycling and see where it all ends up!

We're thankful for Shoreline Recycling's sponsorship of The Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon.  If you are cleaning up before Fall or maybe you're looking to clean out a barn or a garage, take that recycleable stuff to them on Ottawa Street in Muskegon and not only get a few bucks for what you're cleaning up, help do your part to keep Muskegon beautiful!  To visit their website, click on the image below.