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It's a great day for us at The Muskegon Channel.  We're welcoming a new sponsor to the work we do in Shoreline Vision and we've got a little history with this great practice.  


Going back to my radio career, I have been able to work with Shoreline Vision on a few things.  I have even been there for eye care, repairs on my glasses a visit to, "Sis" who is the first face you'll see when you walk in, and who is truly like a second mom to me, or just to take the Mrs. in for her eyes to be checked.  It's an efficient, friendly and professional environment and it's staffed with some of the most top notch doctors and staff you'll find anywhere.  It's a very exciting day for us to have them see the work we do as a value to sponsor.  All that being said, they are also a very community minded business and that goes well beyond just tending to the patients they have.  They work very hard to not only provide the best care, they work to build community and do it by putting on events like Run For Sight which is coming up September 1st at Pere Marquette.  run for sight 18Click Here To Sign Up for the Run for Sight

It's 13 years strong now and 100% of the proceeds go to help The Association For the Blind and Visually Impaired (ABVI).  They operate out of Grand Rapids and serve all of West Michigan when it comes to helping those who can't see be able to function.  The ABVI offers things like low vision clinics, support groups, daily living skills, counselling, youth programs, aids and appliances, free vision screenings and more.  It's a wonderful outreach and helps so many who have come to a point where their life will truly be changed by reduced vision.  They are an outreach that helps adapt to a new world.  The support they get from Shoreline Vision is a direct testament to the care and concern that the staff shows for their patients and community. 

shoreline visionVisit Shoreline Vision Online

The setting for the run, Pere Marquette.  Ya, it's an everyday place for us, however, to guests in from out of town, it's breathtaking majesty.  This run brings people in from all over the country to compete in either the run or the walk.  There are medals for 1st-3rd in all the divisions, shirts if you get your entry form in early enough and if you choose to make the 5k a walk-able event for you, your 4 legged furry friends are welcome as are your strollers.  It's as inclusive of an event as it can be.  

Jennifer Scofield is with Shoreline Vision and we met up today to talk about the run, the ABVI and how Shoreline Vision works to help beyond their practice in so many ways around Muskegon and West Michigan.  Take a listen.

An amazing chance to do something good and be a part of something awesome.  If you are the running, or walking type, help Shoreline Vision out and help show off Muskegon to our visitiors in from out of town.  The thought of vision loss is frightening.  The ability of humans to use empathy and understanding to help others is what sets us apart and when the door is opened by a company so a large group can do something monumental, take it.  Click on the link above to get signed up for the Run for Sight and if you'd like to know more about The ABVI you can watch their video below.