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The Muskegon Heritage Museum Announces a Great New Addition - An Elevator

Muskegon Metro Area News

We've taken you on a visit or two in the past to the Muskegon Heritage Museum.  It's located on Western Avenue in Downtown Muskegon, nestled between The 557 Cafe and The Health Project, the Muskegon Heritage Museum centers on the industry that has thrived in Muskegon over the years.  From the celery fields to the corner store, the industry large and small is all in focus and it's an absolutely tremendous salute to what's made us the community we are.  It's curated by an incredible staff who take such amazing pride in what they have on hand.  They lovingly tell the story about every display from The Cobb Plant to Continental Motors, our Lumbering Era, foundaries...you name it.  Even Raggdy Ann gets a nod for her time here in Muskegon. 

Well, as Muskeogn grows, so does the need for display space in the Museum and over the last couple of years, they have expanded to add the second floor of the beautiful building.  Great for the exhibits, but...problematic if you have a hard time with steps and want to see what's been added.  Well, like anything in Muskegon that needs doing, The Heritage Museum along with some pretty amazing folks from town rolled up their sleeves to find the funds it took to make building renovations happen and an elevator being added a reality so now, anyone can truly enjoy the rich heritage of the industry that's made Muskegon move over the years.

Ann Dake invited us down to bring you the ceremonies at the Heritage Museum and we just let the cameras roll to capture the event in in entireity.  Have a look!

 All this and, on September 20th, there will be a 125th Anniversary Celebration for the Muskegon Chamber of Commerce at the museum!!  Stay tuned to the Muskegon Channel for details coming soon!  

It's an amazing visit in Muskegon.  It's a part of our story and if you've never taken the time to visit, it's time.  If you're bringing frineds in from out of town or would just like your kids to see the rich heritage we have here, an hour or two in the Muskegon Heritage Museum is time well spent.  Our thanks to The Dake family for the invite!  For more information, visit http://www.muskegonheritage.org/