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Egelston Grows Green Informational Seminar Coming Up October 8th 4-7p At VFW on Apple

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I got a call from Egelston Grows Green and asked if we'd help spread the news with a little sponsored content.  It has to do with medical marijuana and the production and processing of it in Muskegon, specifically in the Egelston area.  There is a great deal of information both pro and con about the subject and there are many people both for and against the use of marijuana medically and as a recreational substance.  From our perspective, there is plenty of evidence for the medical properties of marijuana and in November, we'll find out what the voters think about the recreational use of marijuana in the state of Michigan.  Knowledge is power however, so we went to visit Egelston Grows Green to share with you the story of their operation and what they will be presenting October 8th at the VFW on Apple Avenue.  

Jack Page is a man of many hats and was the guy who asked me out for the talk.  I didn't know that he had anything to do with the MMJ  industry.  He's got some personal ties to it which you'll hear about in the video and he was also very careful in explaining that what's being built out on Apple Avenue is being followed to the strictest of state guidelines and that they are going to be growing strains of medical marijuana that both include and omit the THC element which seems to be the part that has everyone concerned due to it's hypnotic side effects.  There is mounting research however that the CBD end of the plant has some pretty wide ranging positives for those who suffer anything from arthritis to cancer, seizures to neuropathy and with the mounting opiate problem in the United States, more and more people are seeking different ways to relieve their symptoms or treat the source of the ailment.  

Egelston Grows Green will consist of a grow area, a product production facility where the plants will be turned into the usable products and tested as well as a dispensary that will be on the corner of Apple and Maple Island.  They are currently working with local contractors and builders to get things underway, and when the operation is in full swing, the thought is that the job creation will be well over 100 new jobs.  Plus, there are the other benefits like taxes to the local economy and more.  

As mentioned, Jack Page and I got together to talk about the operation, the upcoming informational seminar and how you can be a part of it Monday October 8th at the VFW on Apple Ave.  6285 Apple Ave specifically.  The event is from 4-7 and there will be food served to those who come to learn more.  Take a listen to our chat below.

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Pros and cons are coming from every direction.  The best way to know is to be informed. If you are curious, go.  If you are leery, listen to hear both sides of the story and you are welcome to still think that it's no good for anyone.  As we face the potential for the legalization or recreational marijuana, our stance will be that if used in that manner, the same rules apply as alcohol.  No one under 21 and never drive under the influence.  Our stance is too, that there is enough evidence out there that there are some pretty reasonable arguments to be made for the effectiveness of medical marijuana, and that knowledge is power.  Learn more October 8th.  Fo more information visit the Egelston Grows Green at https://egelstongrowsgreen.com/ .