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Eagle Alloy Muskegon Factory Tour

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  A week or so ago, a message popped up on my computer wondering if I'd be interested in seeing what Eagle Alloy of Muskegon was all about.  Sure!  I have never seen anything like that up close and I am always kind of fascinated by things I am not really cut out to do.  Believe it or not...I am not one for the attention span it takes to focus on the job at hand at Eagle Alloy.  It's a job of focus, precision and strength.  I am more of an easily distracted artist as you've probably figured over the years, so to be able to see how folks get big jobs like these done is absolutely amazing to me.  I will say however, that over the course of my career, it's always been my great honor to be right next to workers like the folks at Eagle Alloy as their companion on the radio or in some form of media, so when they can grab a few minutes away from the task at hand, I am there to give them something to laugh about...at least that's always been the goal for me. 

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Eagle Alloy is an employee owned company and in 2015 they very proudly won the Metal Caster of the Year Award from Modern Casting,  The level of pride that you feel from the workers there is amazing and it is felt from the moment you walk in the door till you leave.  On my way out, I even met a woman, who needed a kidney transplant, found a match who also worked at Eagle Alloy and the company backed them BOTH to let the miracle happen of a kidney transplant.  Amazing solidarity among coworkers.  Their first customer came along in 1979 and they have retained them and added over 200 more in the meantime.  They service dozens of industries from agriculture to construction and if you see a Harley-Davidson trike rolling around, you're seeing parts from Eagle Alloy at work!

As the tour got under way, I was joined by a group of students from the Muskegon Career Tech Center.  One of my favorite places in Muskegon.  It's a hands on learning experience for the young people that attend there.  Eagle Alloy extends the opportunity for the students to see in practice what they are learning in books and getting the beginnings of at the CTC.  It's a great way to show young people the opportunities that await them here in Muskegon post education and that they can be part of some pretty amazing endeavors right here hat home.  

The first contact I got was from Mark Hollenbeck who is a Senior Sales Engineer at Eagle Alloy inviting me out and Mark handed me off to Scott Merz who I sat down with to talk a little about what we were to see on the tour.  It's kind of loud in the plant, so...we left the audio out and added a little soundtrack under the process parts.  You'll see the steps from design, to 3-D modeling, the incredible view of the "pour", some finishing, some robotics, some of the applications of their work and then we head into Eagle Precision to see another process they do with wax.  It's a fun and fascinating process, I'd recommend the biggest screen you can find to watch this on!


Rockin huh?  Just amazing to see how it gets done!!  It's hard work, it's hot work but if you stop and think of just how much won't be possible without the products that Eagle Alloy supplies to industry...we'd be nowhere without them.  Add to that the amount of good, high paying jobs they provide right here in Muskegon and it's pretty easy to see why Eagle Alloy and all of it's associated companies are a true asset to our area!  Can't thank these guys enough for such an amazing experience seeing inside what goes on there.  I give my most sincere tip of the cap to the workers and staff there for the hard work they do!  Amazed!  To learn more about the company, click on the photo below to visit their site!  Word on the street is that they are in serious hiring mode too!!  Need a job.... here's your sign! visit https://www.eaglealloy.com/