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Crisp air, leaves starting to turn...all the closed up stores are now fly by night Halloween specialty shops and you've probably already bought a bag or two of "trick or treat" candy that hasn't lasted.  It's October, it's Michigan and it's how it goes.  We all get it.  The haunted attractions will be open soon, there's plenty of "scary" stuff on your Facebook feed as dead deer are hanging there beginning with the youth hunt a couple weeks ago and now that bow season is here....they are hanging in garages all over town.  But, it's also a great time to take that haunted vibe and maybe put a little educational spin on it in a setting like no other... the cemetery! 

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Not everything surrounding Halloween needs to be a heart attack around every corner.  In fact, in Muskegon you have a chance to come out to a very unique and very educational event focusing on our history....the people who made it and hear them tell it in real life...next to their grave site in the Evergreen Cemetery.  It's the 9th City of the Dead Muskegon and it's happening October 13th and 14th.  You'll find the entry to this event at 400 Irwin Street in Muskegon and tickets are only $5.  This is an event geared toward the whole family, there won't be anyone jumping out at you and there won't be any Zombie Apocalypse happening. There will be actors lovingly appearing in period costumes by the graves of the real history makers in Muskegon talking about the lives they lived, including some of the potentially scandalous events you might not know about, and how Muskegon became the town it is because of their contributions over the years.

This is the 9th year for the event and it brings together people for a number of reasons.  Some like the history, some enjoy the acting and theater part of their role while others, just like the costumes and the chance to represent our forefathers in a way that most will never get a chance to hear about.  It's a living history tour of those who made Muskegon and it happens only 2 days a year.

Jackie Engel got a hold of me again to invite me out to talk about this years event.  We were joined by Bruce Froelich, Ellen Pallasch and and Jessica Sheldon.  We talk about the characters they play and their reason to be so passionate about City of the Dead.  Take a listen!


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Take the kids out for a little education that they won't even know hit them!  Then, carry on with the rest of the Halloween fun!  This is an incredible way to learn more about our home and those who made it happen!  Real history speaks to you from where real history was laid to rest.  This is part of our heritage and it's an incredible way to get your learn on before you head out to your cavorting and monster mashing!  We're proud to support this great event in Muskegon.

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