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New Flight Schedule Launched at Muskegon County Airport

Muskegon Metro Area News

  October 5th was the day!  It's what the Muskegon Airport has worked for behind the scenes for years and it's a step to make our airport more viable for the business or leisure traveler looking for the easiest and most hassle free flight experience they can find.  The 6a early flight to Chicago was launched giving people travelling the most convenient connection options in Chicago to any destination they choose.  Up and on your way from one of the best kept secrets in travel, which we're proud to try and help change a little.  After all, who wants to add things like a long drive, and overnight in a hotel, one of those big city park and shuttle services....the crowds...the prices...everything people dread about air travel....all MIA at the Muskegon County Airport.  


  You pull up to a parking lot that's not even 50 yards from the terminal.  You are surrounded by a wonderfully manicured landscape and you enter a low stress environment to board your United flight with no more than 50 other passengers.  Check in is a breeze, security is as solid as you'll find anywhere but the pressure is WAY lower than what you'll find anywhere else and after a very brief wait, you're up and on your way to Chicago to connect with the flight to take you where ever you are heading.  Doesn't that sound much better than the rig a ma roll you find everywhere else?  Add in to that the affordable pricing and the pop up specials you can find if you take a look in advance and are a little flexible with your schedule...it's a value that can't be beat.  What?  You are banking up frequent flyer miles on some other airline?  You might want to look in to United's Mileage Plus Status Match Challenge.  (Hint Hint)  check mkg firstFollow the MKG Airport on Facebook for Up To the Minute Deals

  All of the chat about how great the Muskegon County Airport is, is one thing...but, there is also a need here.  We need to use it or lose it.  Like anything, the competition for this flight schedule is tough.  There are only so many flights and they will go to where they are utilized the best, so if you are planning a flight or taking a business trip, ALWAYS check Muskegon first to see about flights, prices and schedules and specials....we don't want to lose this great option!  There are also plenty of fun options as well at the airport.  Casino get away's are doing great and more are planned and if you need a Winter vacation, you can leave Muskegon at 6a and be in Cancun by 11.  Umbrella drink by 11:05!  Nice!

  Jeff Tripp is the Executive Director of the Muskegon County Airport and he invited me out to talk about the new schedule now that it's up and running.  Take a listen!

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  The Muskegon County Airport is a great sponsor of The Muskegon Channel and we appreciate their support.  We also appreciate the hard work it took to bring this vaulable travel option to Muskegon!  If you're travelling....check Muskegon first.  Simple as that.  Protect our own resources and keep our airport alive and well.  To visit the Muskegon County Airport's website and check that schedule and price info, click on the photo below!

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