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The Only Cannoli! Two Gals Launch a Dream at Kitchen 242 in Muskegon

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  So, one day you're at work and you meet the new hire.  Nicety's are exchanged and you go to your respective job and do it, not to see the new recruit for a while.  As time goes on, assignments change and up pops the coworker again, and now, you get to have lunch together where you get a chance to talk a little, dream a little and find the commonality that makes up a pretty potent idea IF you're willing to roll up the sleeves and give it a try!  Such is the story of Brittany Meloche and Bethany Bauer.  

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  They met up at Shape Corp.  Time rolled on and their friendship grew.  No doubt Shape is a great place to work, but that burning ember inside them told them to take a chance on a little something that they both held dear their entire lives and that's the experience of bonding over food.  How it brings families and friends together.  How there are so many unique ways to take the "family recipe" to new levels and how it's fun to bring a product to life, from the pipe dream to reality.  They decided to start seeing what it took to get in to the cannoil business, where to make them, where to sell them....how would an area used to glazed donuts and blueberry muffins take on to an "old world" treat like a cannoli?  What is a cannoli anyway?  It's a cheese filled pastry....yes cheese.

  A little snooping around on the internet and the pair found Kitchen 242 at the Muskegon Farmers Market.  It's an open source kitchen for business development in the culinary world.  It's also a learning kitchen where classes are held in culinary arts and you may have seen it's a back drop for Chef Char and her wonderful segments here on The Muskegon Channel!  A little more investigating, into where to sell, how to develop a little catering clientele and then to spread the word....you've got a great start to a business that can grow past all expectations.  About the only thing that they couldn't get was "Grandma's secret recipe" as mom wouldn't just let that go, rather she told the gals to work on memory and do what you love. 

  I sat down with two of my newest favorite people of all time ever to hear their story and throw a little light on their endeavors.... take a listen! 


  I loved everything about this interview.  What a treat to see young people just go for it and to see them take the steps needed to build for themselves.  The food is delicious, their future is very bright and as you can tell....they put as much love into their business as they do their food, and more over, each other.  You can get yourself a taste of The Only Cannoli at the Muskegon Farmers Market or, if you'd like to consider them for your next occasion, visit https://www.theonlycannoli.com/.  Our very best wishes to these emerging rock stars of the culinary world!  There will be a day when you will say "I saw them when they were on The Muskegon Channel"

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