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Gr8LKS Apparel For Change in Muskegon

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We're on a roll!  New buildings are popping up, old buildings are being rehabbed and renewed, a sense of belief is here and that has carried over into the desire to launch new business, brands and endeavors.  It's a time of great excitement here in Muskegon and we're pretty dang proud to be part of it.  It's been our thought since Positively Muskegon started back in 2015 that a big piece of the puzzle was talking about who we are, and what we do in a better light than the one sided story we had been given for so long.  So, just like any of the other "new faces" we're all about celebrating those who are taking a chance and wanting to make a difference.  We've featured plenty of people taking the plunge, and of taking the plunge...you need a clean spot for that right?  Well, we've got that too thanks to start up Gr8LKS Apparel. 

Gr8LKS Apparel was founded by Pete Gawkowski Jr and Andrew Mann here in Muskegon.  It's a cool line of clothing that sources it's materials from organic cotton...recycled materials and no negative impact on the environment.  Even to the dye's they use...safe and eco friendly.  Also, a snappy logo.  Something to generate a little conversation along with a nice look.  Let's get people talking about what Gr8LKS means and why it's on your shirt, hoodie or hat.  Then, on to the action part.  

Our lakes are our greatest asset.  Gr8LKS Apparel spends a minute of boots on the ground clean up of the lakes for ever $1 spent.  The dirty work.  Cleaning up the rubbish left behind at the beaches and waterways in the area and beyond.  It's Gr8LKS for a reason...this is a movement that can spread far beyond Muskegon and should.  Any state touching a Great Lake can have a role in this movement and we can all take pride that it started in Muskegon.  So far, over 33 hours have been spent in the actual "dirty work" of cleaning up beaches and as the company grows, so will that number of service hours.  A great way to not only promote a brand, but the importance of a company's stewardship of it's community and it's customers.   While some companies might be able to write a big check to build a hospital or an arena, the start up's have to rely on elbow grease and blood sweat and tears...just what GR8LKS is doing.

I had a chance to catch up with Pete and Andrew to learn more about the endeavor.  Take a listen.

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Dreams become concepts and concepts become reality.  It's all part of our amazing times here in Muskegon.  As new styles, trends and brands emerge, to remember what we truly have by way of natural asstets is so important and Gr8LKS has their finger on the pulse.  Think about grabbing a hoodie for the cooler weather, maybe one of the awesome looking trucker hats or, get a hold of Pete and Andrew and tell them you'd like to pitch in on the next beach clean up.  Help celebrate those who take the plunge....great things are happening in every corner of Muskegon and it's such an exciting time to be here!  To visit Gr8LKS website at https://gr8lks.com/


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