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Shoreline Recycling in Muskegon Helping Veterans in November

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  We're very lucky in the fact that we work with some incredible companies that are great stewards of the communities they serve.  Kurt Alderink from Shoreline Recycling called up and asked if we knew of a way that they could help do something nice for veterans since Veterans Day was coming up and if I knew anyone to help put him in touch with.  Luckily, not only do I know "a guy", I know "the guy" so a couple of quick emails and we had the ball rolling.


  We spent this summer showing you what and how Shoreline Recycling does.  Every aspect of their operation from the intake to the baler at the end and all of the products they recycle to not only keep Muskegon clean, they are finite resources they deal with so, the reuse of metals not only helps the environment it sustains what we have to work with.  They also pay top dollar for what you bring in.  If you are a daily scrapper, an occasional user or maybe an organization out to raise a few bucks with a scrap drive they are your first and only call.  They also work one on one with industrial customers who have scrap on a large level.  veterans affairs logoMuskegon County Veterans Affairs

  The Muskegon County Veterans Center has made an appearance or two here and on Positively Muskegon.  They work to help our vets navigate the system to get the care they need.  They also provide necessities for them like a food pantry, some assistance with utility bills or rent from time to time.  They also help with programming like mental health support, groups and services that some of us might not even think of who have not served.  It's a place of humble surroundings, but the work they do for those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice is essential and any and all help they can get is greatly appreciated.  

  So, now we have a connection, let's get it to work!  Kurt and Mike talked about what needs were the most important and how Shoreline Recycling could do something, so it was resolved that in November, if you bring non perishable food items or toiletry products to Shoreline Recycling with your scrap, they will give you $1 per ton extra up to $10 bucks per item.  Shoreline will also set up an account that if you just want to donate your scrap to help the Veterans Center out you can drop it off and 100% of the proceeds will go to the purpose.  Shoreline also donated 4 Lumberjacks tickets, a $50 gift card to The Station Grill and a swag bag of goodies to go to a vet for a night out with their family.  Kindness and stewardship.  Amazing.

  I got Kurt and Mike together.  Mike showed Kurt around the Vet's Center and we talked a little about the whole project.  Take a listen 


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  Contagious isn't it?  Shoreline leads the way, now follow.  Organize a scrap drive at your work, church or school and bring it to Shoreline Recycling.  Think about that food pantry at the Veterans Center the next time you're out shopping and have a little extra.  Maybe even just pick up a gift card to a food store that the Vets Center could use to help the cause.  Many hands make light work and as we pull together as a community, taking care of our vets is an easy way to say thank you for their service.  To learn more about Padnos click on the photo below and visit their website.

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