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Muskegon Metro Area

  The election is right around the corner and on the ballot this year in Muskegon  county, there is a surcharge request for voters to approve regarding the Muskegon County 9-1-1 Service and some essential upgrades that are truly needed for our police, fire and EMT workers.  


  Like any money request, no one is excited about the idea of having to pay more, and it always seems to be amplified in Muskegon through social media and other grumblings among those who think that there is some shell game or bait and switch going on for a frivolous money grab so that some governmental body can line their pockets etc.  

  It's understandable to a degree, but the facts are simple.  Muskegon Central Dispatch is a stand alone authority overseen by the State and the funding they are requesting is spent only on needs for the communications system they need as what we currently have now is so outdated it's even becoming hard to get parts to repair what we have, let alone stay in communication with other safety agencies throughout the state.  These are essential tools for men and women who work to save the lives of all of us and the request is not coming because of the joy of a cash grab.  No other bills past or future can be paid with this and it's not a quick and easy task to get this project moving or completed.  

  With all the misinformation that's been sent out over social media, I asked Shawn Grabinski from MKG 9-1-1 and Chief Dave Glotzbach from Muskegon Township Fire to meet with me again to discuss what I have heard, what they have heard and what the simple facts really are surrounding the 9-1-1 surcharge request you'll find on the ballot November 6th.  Take a listen.

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  Hey, look.  I don't want to pay more either, but I would really hate to see the worst happen.  I'd hate to see any of our front line responders without the tools they need.  I'd hate to see a citizen suffer because of lack of the proper tools for the authorities and what's more, I'd hate to see something so important fail because some of the nay-sayers and those who thrive on making sure we don't get what we need because they thrive on chaos or being a thorn in the side of something.  This is not being asked for for anything other than necessity, please get out and vote November 6th.  For more on the surcharge request, click on the image below.

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