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  It's been a fairly tiring season of politics.  All the he said, she said.  All the half truths and intentional misleading information.  So many polarized thoughts on every issue, even dipping in to cussing candidates down over issues that they have no control over.  Case in point, just as I was beginning to write this, I was following a discussion on social media about a candidate for a State seat and how people shouldn't vote for them because of their stance on the Second Amendment.  I asked if the author of the comment could explain how someone in Lansing would have any bearing on the US Constitution.  They couldn't or chose not to answer.  

  So, like I did with the 911 surcharge request, I get a hold of Egelston Grows Green to see if they would like to share their straight talk one more time about the medical marijuana growth operation and dispensary they are asking the community to vote on Tuesday.  To me, all the homework has been done and the desire to grow a crop for an ever growing list of medical uses might be a pretty good idea.  The security will be stringent.  The economic impact can be huge.  The intention is to help people with their medical needs and the investment is willing to be made in our community. 

  It might not be for everyone.  No one is trying to force anything on you.  Changing the minds of some who have had a lifetime of fear mongering behind them regarding marijuana might never happen and that's ok.  There really can be no argument though that the emerging uses of CBD and even some for THC in medical ways are effective. 50% of the crop that will be grown in Egelston will not even have the psycho active THC compound in it.  This is in no way an endorsement to say anyone should drive under the influence of medical marijuana or any other substance and it's not to say that minors should access it.  This is however a chance for Egelston Grows Green to clear up some of the smear that has come their way over the whole situation.

  I met up with Jack Page again, we were also joined by Attorney Hal Hermanson to help explain some of the in's and out's of the township laws and how they have been met and grower Adam Mendes who will be growing the plants inside the secured facility.  Take a listen.

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  They are even offering you a ride to the polls Tuesday if you are for or against the cause.  As they said at the end, this is not about the recreational marijuana vote also happening Tuesday.  This is about an emerging medical marijuana production that will bring jobs, revenue and relief to those who elect to use it.  You can visit their website at . Egelston Grows Green has been a paid sponsor in the past of The Muskegon Channel.  This is not a sponsored article.