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  It's a friendship that goes back a few years.  Lauren Stanton and Muskegon that is.  Over her years of being the morning reporter at WZZM in Grand Rapids there were the occasions that she'd make her way out here for a concert or the air show or maybe a hockey game or something.  But, there was always something that set Lauren a part from the other visitors that came in with their respective stations for an event.  The other stations would always sit in their designated spot and give away bumper stickers or promo pictures or can koozies....or worse yet, they would find a spot back stage and wait for their 2 minutes on stage to greet the masses and accept their glory.  Well, with Lauren...she'd be the first one out of the booth, into a beer line and right out in the crowd to meet people and be Lauren!  She's all about grabbing every ounce of life she can get and she'd blend right in in her cut off's and tank top out there in the thick of the party and that's what she loved about it.  She could just hang loose.  She fit right in. 

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  As her broadcasting career continued she met her future husband and they began to dream a little.  Their life in Saugatuck together was great but they are both very energetic people and saw an opportunity to go into business for themselves on a little corner on the river down there with a unique idea called Retro Boat Rentals.  The spit shined up some vintage boats, revamped the motors in them to be high efficiency electric motors and started a seasonal rental attraction.  Well, they struck a nerve and found a niche... the business took off and the were both able to walk away from their careers and focus solely on Retro Boat Rentals.

  Back to Lauren and Muskegon.  She was one of the key factors in getting Positively Muskegon on My West Michigan once a month, a relationship that continues, and as word got out that she was "retiring", well, I said almost jokingly... "Well, if you get bored, I know a guy in Muskegon with a few cameras who's trying to tell a better story about the town....."  there wasn't even time to take a breath and Lauren said "I'm in...when do I start?"  Today it happened.

  I sat down to catch up with Lauren a little and welcome her on board... take a listen. 

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  Yes, she's been a friend to Muskegon for a long time, but she's also been a remarkable personal friend too.  Lauren is one of those friends who's right in the trenches with ya and doesn't run away when things are looking tough.  In fact, looking back on my last short run on the radio in Grand Rapids a few years ago....she was one to run in to the burning building more than once help dig.  Didn't think that job would last as long as it did...but who cares.  We're here now... and Muskegon is coming out the winner!  We welcome Lauren with open arms and can't wait to see her perspective on our community and our people.  If you'd like to know more about Lauren's "real job" click on the photo below to visit the Retro Boat Rentals site!

retro boat rentalsRetro Boat Rentals