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Thu, May

How Did The Muskegon Channel Come About and What is "Micro-Media"? Lauren Stanton Reports

Muskegon Metro Area News

  We saved Lauren the written portion of her first interview on The Muskegon Channel.  After all, as the "trainee" you don't want to see anyone "overcome" on day one right?  (Har har har)


  But like anyone, we have a story to tell as well, and since Lauren has come along, and we've been at it a while with the Positively Muskegon Blog, which grew into The Muskegon Channel website and our recent addition of the Muskegon Channel Radio site, it might be time to let you know how and why this is all here.

  In a nutshell, it's been a building process.  There's a purpose to media in a community.  Media should be a relevant and active engine for sharing news, helping business advertise at a fair price and providing a value for the money spent and it should be a place in town that can be a focal point for good things, and things that can be addressed with actionable solutions.  The idea that "if it bleeds it leads" might be good for some, but it's that one sided story that can really harm a community both internally and on a bigger level, if that's all surrounding communities see about one area, well...the damage can be long lasting and very hard to reverse. 

  When the Positively Muskegon Blog began back in October of 2015, there wasn't really even a true direction in mind.  But as we grew and shaped what we do and why, it became pretty clear that the our contribution to all that is good in Muskegon was to be on the street telling the stories of those who do things large and small to make Muskegon home.  If there is something that needs to be addressed, we bring in solution based stories as opposed to "that's what happened" and leave yet another scuff on our image.

  Lauren talked with Andy and Britta about how it's all come to be.  Take a listen.

Outdated Video Removed

  So that's kinda how it all began.  Muskegon is not your cookie cutter kind of town.  We are our own entity with our own identity and what works somewhere, might not adapt here.  Our people, our pride and our community are ours.  We are unique in our thoughts our approach and our overall way of life.  We're kind, fun loving and we band together like no other when it comes to taking care of our own.  We have our own "flavor" and we kind of see our "micro media" enterprise as adding to just that.  We want our stories to reflect our people....we want our scenery to reflect our beauty and we want our radio station to sound better than anyone else's anywhere and we'll fight to make it happen.  We have a new story to tell...as so many things happen to re-define Muskegon, we're proud to be able to help shape the story the way it needs to be told.  With value, purpose and with the best interests of all of us at heart.