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The Cameras Turn on Andy O - Positively Michigan Visits The Muskegon Channel

Muskegon Metro Area News

  Once upon a time, the news wasn't all frightening headlines...slanted reporting and teases to get you to tune back in at the next newscast to hear the end of the story.  No, there was a time when a news reporter took their time to get you to know your friends and neighbors.  Helped you understand what made a community unique or what made the local flavor unique to it's own.  In our house, those were the news stories that mattered, and those were the ones that kind of helped shape the way I approached the work I did in my broadcasting career.  

   As I carried my work over from the airwaves to the digital world, I wanted to preserve that feeling and try.  Some have said the videos are too long, others just read the articles...and I have heard more than once that they were surprised there was a website....they thought it was just a Facebook page.  We live in a high speed world...I get it.  dan pmichFollow Positively Michigan.net on Facebook

  A big part of the story telling though, is the guy behind the camera, and one of the all time best is Dan Salas.  Dan was in television for decades.  If you're old like me, Dan was the photojournalist for Dick Evans - On the Michigan Road on WOOD TV until Dick passed away in 1991.  It was Dan's eye that brought the stories to life and Dicks ability to bring the best out in anyone and get them to open up that made the segment such a destination for viewing. 

  Dan runs PositivelyMichigan.net now.  To say his work was in inspiration to us is an understatement, I mean, even the name...but what works, works.  Dan called the other day and asked if we had some time to talk about why we do what we do and how it all began.  When the best of the best calls, you make time.  Dan's story is right here.  Take a listen.



  As we filmed and reminisced....we talked about our skills sets, where we could help each other and how we could rely on each other to help spread the better news.....so....I grabbed my camera and told Dan, I am interviewing you...and we're putting your Positively Michigan stories on the Muskegon Channel if you like that idea.  Dan agreed quickly and so began the partnership.  We'll stay focused on Muskegon and Dan...he's going to cover the rest of the state the way he does it best.  Take a listen to my chat with Dan!



  A symbiotic relationship has been born.  We're proud to bring you Dan's work on Positively Michigan.  Make sure you check that link right at the top of the Muskegon Channel when you visit to see the who, what and where going on around Michigan and if you have story ideas, get ahold of Dan.  He's a great friend, an amazing story teller and works daily to continue the legacy he started way back in 1976 when he first picked up the camera to go On The Michigan Road.  Welcome to Dan.  Thanks for your years of wisdom and kind story telling.  You can visit The Positively Michigan's youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVidapro/videos