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December at The Muskegon County Airport!

Muskegon Metro Area News

We're very thankful for the support of the Muskegon County Airport for our work and, we're also very much all about making sure that the use of our airport continues to grow!  

 If you travel, you know that there's a giant push to get everyone to the "giant airports" to get their flight.  How is that different than people in Muskegon being asked to only get their media from the "giant city"?  It's not right.  We have a magnificent airport that is easy, convenient and it's ours.  Use it or lose it!  

There are great deals to all kinds of destinations.  There are new and improved flight times for business travelers so you can make a connection in Chicago and be anywhere in the country...and generally home the same day and if you want to get your toes in the sand and somewhere warm...Cancun....Jamaica....Florida and more are all calling.

Jeff Tripp is the Executive Director of the Muskegon County Airport.  We got together and got caught up on all things airborne in Muskegon, take a listen!

Outdated Video Removed

Fly Muskegon!!  Imagine the ease of not having to go to Detroit or Chicago to get where you gotta be!  No hassle parking, 50 passenger planes for easy boarding and security check in's.  Friendly, low pressure staff and if you saw the video.. FREE COFFEE.  Always check Muskegon first if you are going to fly!  Visit http://muskegonairport.com/ .