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Positively Michigan Remembers a Kind and Gentle Sparta Farmer - Paul Krupp

Muskegon Metro Area News

We introduced you to Dan Salas, award winning photo journalist a couple months ago when he came out to tell the story of us here at The Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon.  His history in West Michigan media is deep and his stories show a very human side of people in and around all of Michigan.  We saw in a big hurry that his work certainly had a home here on The Muskegon Channel and we'd help get the word out about those who are not right in our back yard, but have a pretty amazing effect on their community and the projects that are important to them.

 Today's story comes from Dan at PositivelyMichigan.net as a remembrance of Paul Krupp.  Paul and his family are farmers over between Sparta and Rockford.  Sadly, Paul was lost this year in a car accident, but his life had an impact on people for years in the area and as they diversified their endeavors, Paul and his wife Nancy operated a travel agency to help others attain the dreams they dreamed of by getting to destinations all over the world.

Paul taught pretty much every area kid the value of working hard, after all, getting a strawberry picking job in the summer at Krupp Farms quite often meant that the rest of the summer was going to be well funded when it came to all things someone 12-15 needs.  A long time friend of Andy O'Riley, Paul would bring in a flat of berries to the Bow Tie Bar every season for everyone to enjoy, and had a famous question about dusk.... "Think the bees are in bed yet?"  Meaning he had to go finish up the day after a burger and fries for dinner at the legendary Bow Tie.

Dan Salas takes you on a memorial of Paul Krupp on PositivelyMichigan.net

We'll keep you up to date on Muskegon, Dan will show you the rest of Michigan.  Make sure you book mark his page and follow his delicate and interesting story telling!  You can find more at Dan's webiste, visit https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVidapro .