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Fri, May

The Back Alley Comedy Club Expands Entertainment in Muskegon

Muskegon Metro Area News

  If you have not noticed, thing seem to be chugging along nicely in Muskegon and that includes a growing amount of entertainment options.  Now, from this authors standpoint, it was only a few years ago that having more than one thing going on in town any given night meant that you really had to think twice about what you did as far as bringing in anything "more" because the audience size was kind of hard to draw people from.  If there were two or three big events going on, all of them seemed to suffer a little because of the amount of people they could draw in.  More often than not, we were left to leave town for certain kind of entertainment...especially stand up comedy.  A trip to Grand Rapids or as far away as Cascade was the "norm" since the early part of the Y2K years when those who were trying to do comedy shows on a regular basis gave up on the idea. 

  Today, as our desire to get out and have some fun has grown, so has the comedy scene.  Both locally and on a regional and national level.  Will we ever get back to the days when comedy was the hottest ticket in town?  That remains to be seen, but with the ability of comics to use the internet to spread their humor as well as come to towns the size of Muskegon to play a decent size room with a great crowd who they have not been to see before, it's pretty easy to see why The Back Alley Comedy Club is showing some real success.

  Located inside the Sherman Lanes complex, The Back Alley Comedy Club started off as an occasional spot to bring in a decent named comic once in a while.  Current owner of the club Don Veltman saw that there was plenty of room for more to go along with the "big names" and went ahead to make it a destination club giving audiences a reason to laugh as well as local and regional comics a chance to gain some much needed exposure and stage time.  Stand up comedy is a very difficult brand of entertainment and those who perform it need the stage time and audience interaction to improve and grow.  Luckily for us, we get to be there for the laughs and the practice.

  Recently names like Tom Green, Mitch Fatel, Kevin Farley and Pauley Shore have been on the stage and heading into 2019 you'll be able to see Brad Williams, Donnell Rawlings and a return of "The Weasel" himself toward the end of the year.  They are adding open mic nights for anyone who's ever thought of giving the spotlight a shot and they have some great trivia events happening as well called "Tipsy Trivia" where everyone can be funny.  All the growth and added fun comes from manager Ricarlo Williams-Winston who is a stand up himself and runs the day to day operations of The Back Alley Club! 

We all had a chance to sit down and talk about the club and the events, take a listen. 

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  As the long cold winter settles in, mark your calendar for some warmth and laughter inside the Back Alley Comedy Club.  Top names, attention to the customer experience and a sincere value when it comes to your entertainment dollar!  You'll get a full night or entertainment and plenty of time to get out and enjoy the rest of what Muskegon has to offer.  Meet some big names, a chance to see up and coming stars of the comedy circuit and keep things moving along on Muskegon.  More great surprises are coming from the Back Alley Comedy Club soon, we thank them for their sponsorship of our page and we look forward to lots of fun in the future.  Click on the photo below to get your tickets for the Brad Williams show coming up January 4-5.