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We're known for a party in Muskegon.  We're also known for celebrating some of our great cultural diversity and enjoying what people of different heritage bring to our community.  We've seen some pretty amazing festivals pop up over the last few years and watched them grow into BIG festivals and some, some have gone on to become regional attractions drawing people in from all over the country and world!   

We've seen Irish Festivals....along came the Polish Festival...well, in 2019 get ready for a little spice and a little salsa...because on September 7th the Muskegon County Latino Festival Makes it's debut.  Be ready for great food, great music a lot of culture, color and fun.  Activities for kids are planned and I am sure that you'll find some beverages on hand as well.  

The new festival came about as an idea by Elizabeth Briseno. We have a vibrant and very active Latino community here in Muskegon County and to share some of the people, culture and heritage is what this festival is all about!  Make some new friends, bring down some neighbors and spend an afternoon and evening in the comfort of Hackley Park and see what Muskegon's Latino Community has to offer! 

Elizabeth and her group are working hard to secure vendors, sponsors, musical acts and more and like any festival, it seems like a long ways off, but September is going to get here QUICK and we caught up with Elizabeth early to not only help spread the news about the new chance to have some fun, but to maybe lend a hand in getting a few more hands on deck to pitch in an make it happen!  We met up at Los Amigos' to talk a little about the launch!  Take a listen!

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It's going to be a great new addition to our already exciting line up of Summer fun!  Make sure you save the date for the inaugural Muskegon County Latino Festival and if you'd like to be a part of making it happen, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Elizabeth for vendor spots, sponsorship opportunities, chances to have your band play and more!  Thanks to Elizabeth for taking the time to talk about this exciting and fun new festival coming to Muskegon.