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Home Safety Tips With The Norton Shores FD

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Did you know that in 2017 every 24 seconds a fire department responded to a call somewhere in the U.S. That was 1,319,500 fires that were responded to in 2017. Today I am back at the Norton Shores Fire Department talking to the Fire Marshal about how they are trying to help bring those statistics down.  

nsfd patchFollow the Norton Shores Fire Department on FacebookThe Norton Shores Fire Department have started a program that uses the Supra Key Lock Box system. This system looks a lot like a realtor's lock box however this system is meant for our elder community. If the Fire department gets dispatched to a home with a lock box like this there will be a faster entry time without the need for breaking down to door. Just think about your parent on the floor having a heart attack unable to let them in, with the lock box only the Fire department have the code to your parents will get the help that they need faster. With this system the Fire Department has a code to type in to be able to get the key out. Only one fireman as the code per shift. If you think that someone has gained access to your home with the key the fire department is able to look in their system to see who has access and what it the reason for opening. If you are interested and you live in Norton Shores or Roosevelt park you can call the fire prevention office at 231-799-6809.

Not to be confused with Co2 (if you watch the video below you can see what I mean) the silent killer otherwise known as Carbon Monoxide is dangerous for you and your health. Having a Co detector in your home is so important. Some of the symptoms of carbon Monoxide poisoning could include dizziness, headache, nausea or vomiting, shortness of breath, confusion, blurred vision and loss of consciousness. Co has no sound, no taste, or smell and people and animals are unable to tell when they have been breathing it and that could be fatal. This is why you should put these detectors in your home at about the same level as your thermostat or lower because Co hangs in and moves with the air. Some of the appliances in your home that can give off Co are gas fires, portable generators, charcoal grills, oil-burning furnaces and don’t forget about your running car in a closed garage. If you hear your alarm you should get out of your home and contact the gas company.
Another alarm/ detector that is life saving and should be in your home is a smoke alarm. You should place these in every room that you sleep in. You should place them in the living/family room, nears stairways and in the basement if you have one.
Along with alarms and detectors you also have to option to add residential sprinklers in your home. The sprinkler systems main objective is to make a safe exit for you. You would place then outside of the bedroom to the door and from main living spaces to the door.
If you are interested in more information on any of the safety systems you should click on the link to the video and watch my chat with the Fire Marshal.