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Last year, at the very last minute, I got a call that something pretty spectacular was going on over in Muskegon Heights and I had best double time it over to that side of town and be a part of it.  It was a cold and snowy day.  It happened to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day and many had the day off in observance of the occasion.  The gathering was happening at Johnny O. Harris Memorial Park on the corner of Broadway and Jarman and as I pulled up, the words on the signs around town never rang more true.  Muskegon Heights - A City of Friendly People.  

There were friends of mine there.  There were people I had not met.  There was a smell in the air of hot dogs roasting, shrimp and grits being cooked, some had brought huge pots of chili to warm up with and there was hot chocolate and drinks for the kids.  Laughter rang out everywhere and fully grown adults were sliding down the hill as if they were all 10 again.  It was one of the greatest flashbacks to days gone by that I have ever been a part of and I walked away feeling much fuller from the experience.  

It turns out, that there was a little more pre planning than met the eye last year for this fun day, and this year even more has gone in to the Second Annual Councilmen Walter Watt MLK Sled Fun Day Event.  Yes, there will be the smell of chili in the air again, yes there will be some sledding going on....provided the dusting of snow we have sticks around and yes, that laughter and warmth will be free for the taking for anyone in the area!  They are adding in a warm clothes drive.  Hats, gloves, mittens and coats are needed for area kids who might not have what they need for the cold temperatures.  They will have a culinary specialist on for professional judging of the chili and a peoples choice award as well.  It's going to be a great day from 12-4 at Johnny O. Harris Park.

I met up with Walter Watt and my dear friend Eddie Sanders Jr. to reminisce a little about last years wild day of merry making and maybe some lying about our sledding adventures take a listen.  This is fun!

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Sunday Noon-4!  Be there!  Great food, fun times and a fantastic purpose in helping the kids out who might need some warmth this winter!  It's not been the best winter for sledding for sure, but the togetherness and the ability for all of us to hang out and enjoy some fun in the park.  Weather doesn't dictate our community and every gathering doesn't have to be 80 degrees and sunny!  Stop out Sunday for a while and see for yourself.  Muskegon Heights really is a City of Friendly People!  Thanks to Walter and Eddie for inviting me back again, a little earlier this year to help get the word out!  Visit the City of Muskegon Heights website by clicking on the photo below.