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Life Circles PACE Celebrating 10 Years in Muskegon

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It's hard to believe, but what was once a grocery store in Norton Shores has become a vibrant center for so many incredible things for our senior citizen community.  The site that was D&W is now known as Tanglewood Park and within the walls you'll find Senior Resources, who help older folks navigate their way through the vast amounts of benefits that are there for them and resources they might not even know about.  You'll find AgeWell Services who handle things like Meals on Wheels, nutrition education, fitness, yoga and more.  You'll find a delicious cafe that's open to the public and, you'll find Life Circles PACE, who are the focus of our story today.

 Life Circles PACE is a comprehensive medical program for senior citizens designed to help keep people in their home as long as possible.  The offer primary medical care, day center activities, in home care, medical transportation ans so much more.  A visit to Life Circle PACE and the first thing you see that they truly offer is a place where people don't have to feel alone.  To suffer the isolation that so often comes with aging, and the rest of the world carrying on at a bullets speed when it's time for the elderly person to slow down a little.  With isolation quite often comes fear.  What if I fall?  What if I am forgotten?  What if I run out of food?  All of those "what if's" are answered by fellowship and caring and truly good people who devote themselves to the care of our older generation. life circles fbFollow Life Circles PACE on Facebook

Is it a sad sack of a place?  Not in the least!  People are interacting, talking, playing games, doing some physical activity and really, making the most of what they have.  The care is top notch and as mentioned, the staff takes a great deal of pride in knowing that they are fulfilling to the best of their ability the days of those in their advanced years.  

It's a milestone for Life Circles PACE this year aw well!  It's the 10 year anniversary of their service in Muskegon and to celebrate, they are working to bridge the gap a little between ages and, some people that might share a touch of the same things the senior citizens face, the "what if's".  The focus will be on building bags for kids who for one reason or another have to go into foster care.  Sometimes, when the situation comes up, the child has only a short time to grab their belongings and put them in a garbage bag to head to their foster home.  It's a sad a scary reality, but...Life Circles PACE has a plan to help it easier.  They are building backpacks to provide to the kids to take with them and have as their own.  

I met with Barb Dekker and Pam O'Brien from Life Circles Pace to talk a little more about their program as well as the incredible give back for the foster kids.  Take a listen.


It's an amazing program, and an amazing give back. It crosses some generations and the fact that a little love is coming from someone, to someone they will never meet...that's a pretty great thing too.  After our visit, Barb took me out on a tour of the campus and I was able to meet and talk with a lot of really remarkable people who were just grateful to have someone to talk with.  Smiles, handshakes, kindness....I'm here to tell ya, the world needs more places like Life Circles PACE, and it's right here!  To learn more click on the photo below to visit their website.

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