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The Hope Project - Hearts of Hope With Britta Cleveland

Muskegon Metro Area News
Always a pleasure sitting down with my dear friend Mary Suarez of the Muskegon County's  HOPE PROJECT.    She updated me on all the wonderful success HOPE PROJECT had raising very important funds ( even more importantly) and awareness for their cause in 2018.
HOPE PROJECT is a Christian faith based non-profit organization whose goal is to help rescue girls and women in our community from the horrific crime of human sex trafficking....    And YES...human sex trafficking is happening right here in Muskegon and our surrounding communities. 
HOPE PPROJECT offers the victims safe housing, much needed counseling, financial assistance with transportation to and from school, counseling and work....     As well as offering kind, supportive mentors to help each women through her ordeal with compassion and understanding.


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Through the month of February HOPE PROJECT is encouraging those who would like to help to please donate as part of their HEARTS OF HOPE campaign.     Every dollar counts in efforts towards raising the vital funds needed to house, council and assist the victims.   For those interested in donating or simply learning more please click on the link below.
There are so many ways we all can help in the fight to end human sex trafficking....and to assist the victims. Visit https://hopeprojectusa.org for more info
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