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Sustainability in Muskegon is Gaining Traction With the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum

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Muskegon, is booming.  We all know that.  Muskegon is also not exactly all about things changing in a flash.  We like to take our time with things changing and spend a little time warming up to things.  The good thing is, while our pace of change is speeding way up so has our ability to adapt and accept new things, ideas and experiences.  It's a combination of things.  We're seeing a huge uptick in things to do and see in town combined with a renewed outlook and our embracing what's to come.  Watch Us Go seems to have some teeth to it.  

Well, with the renewal we have an opportunity to do things in ways that will assure that some of what was won't be again.  Our eras in Muskegon left a mess or two.  Not that it was really intentional of the lumber of industrial years to do some of the damage that was done, but the clean up efforts have been monumental.  Pollution, debris, poorly regulated practices all led to some tough jobs cleaning up lakes, streams and communities.  We learned from past mistakes and as we go forward, there are plenty of great ways to pitch in on so many levels to avoid "the bad stuff".  It's called sustainability.  

But, sustainability is a word that some, including myself, don't really have a handle on.  Is it recycling?  Is it re-purpose/  re-use?  Do we all have to have a compost pile out behind the house?  Are they taking away straws?  Well, slow down a little.  Before you get all in a kerfuffle over things, it's a little more simple than that.  Can you get by without something?  Can you use a little less energy?  Can you recycle a few more things that don't have a deposit attached to them?  If you answered yes to any of the previous questions - YOU my friend are on your way to sustainability!  You get a gold star today!

If that made you feel good, there's a way you can learn more!!  The West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum works to explain sustainability on many levels.  How can business make less of an environmental impact with how they work.  How can new construction put things in place to minimize energy use or water use?  The research has all been done and the flood of info is huge so to unpack it all The West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum comes to Muskegon to help people understand how to get involved. 

There are a series of lunch and learn events coming up.  I met with Daniel Schoonmaker who is the Executive Director of the organization.  We open the conversation with some explanation of the whole thing and then knuckle down on some of the nuts and bolts of it and tell you how you can join some of the informational events coming up right here in Muskegon.  Take a listen.  

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See, it's not as big and scary as it seems and it's sure not how some picture it. Hugging a tree is great, but that idea has given way to sensible and practical ways to protect the environment, business and community.  Make plans to head to one of the lunch events.  Take a look at the WMSBF website, linked below and learn a little more.  If "sustainability" seems huge...think of one small step at a time...it makes it a lot easier and it's the collective small steps of all of us that make the impact. Visit https://wmsbf.org/ for more information.

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