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Miss Michigan Visits Orchard View Elementary Schools - Gaberielle Butterfield Reports

Muskegon Metro Area News
It's early March and we all know what that means.... Its reading month. Over at Orchard View they are kicking off the month right with some very special gusts and a big assembly. Both schools were visited but Miss Michigan and the early elementary had the one and only Cat in the Hat drop in to read some books as well. 
I was able to steal Emily away for a few minutes between books to have a quick chat. I am sure that you are all aware of the “Beauty” pageants but did you know that there is Scholarship pageants as well? I had asked Emily to explain the difference between the two as she holds the crown in a scholarship pageant. In Emily’s words “So a lot of people think about beauty pageants they think you start young, toddlers and tiaras they know about. But the Miss America Pageant is the largest Scholarship pageant in the world. I myself have won over $30,000 since I began competing 5 years ago. Through that we have on stage question, evening gown, a private interview and talent so it’s not just necessarily about beauty it’s about all of the things that make you beautiful like your intelligence and your skills.”
Like I said March 1st is the kick off to Marches reading month and being able to read to kids throughout Michigan in one of the biggest things Miss Michigan has the privilege of doing. Emily said that one of her favorite parts of the visit is knowing that she gets to share a story that might have an impact on a child as well as all of the questions that she gets to answer.
We enjoyed having Miss Michigan (Emily Sioma) share her time with us at Orchard View Elementary and Early elementary. Walking through the halls with her you could really see the awe in the children's eyes they really thought that she was a true princess.  You can visit the Miss Michigan website by clicking on Emily's picture below.
emily sioma