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Mon, Jan

Muskegon County Airport Continues Growth!

Muskegon Metro Area News

The Muskegon County Airport is a great sponsor of The Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon and it's always a fun visit to stop in and hear what's going on and how things continue to get better and better for the airport and it's passengers when it comes to the amenities you are hard pressed to find anywhere else.  Ease, comfort, low stress, low parking costs and above all....a hometown atmosphere that will deliver you to any destination in the world through convenient flights through Chicago at times that make sense for everyone. 

It's all part of the commitment that Jeff Tripp and his staff at the airport have to offer anyone who checks Muskegon first a premium flight experience, sometimes at a lower fare than you'll find anywhere else.  Forget about the costs of hotels and expensive parking at the "big city" airports.  If you factor all those in, plus the added time and stress of getting to one...you can see pretty quick that Muskegon is a no brainer when it comes to your next flight.

They are also adding more fun flights to casino resorts all over the country.  Laughlin Nevada, Biloxi Mississippi and Atlantic City New Jersey are on the short list and the prices for these tours, you can't even drive to one of them let alone a flight, hotel and everything else included.

Jeff and I caught up for a quick chat about all thins Muskegon County Airport.  Take a listen.

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Keep it up!  The better the airport does the more flights that will come and we'll have more ways to get more cool places and we won't have to mess around with all the hassle of the big city's.  Thanks to the Muskegon County Airport for their support of our work!!  Remember!  Always check Muskegon first when you fly!