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We've been following this whole FIRST Robotics competition for a while.  We've followed some of the schools and we've really gotten to know the MARS Rovers who are made up of a number of schools coming together to make a team.  It's a great way to emphasize STEM education with a fun, hands on approach to building a machine to accomplish a task in a competitive environment among peers and mentors alike. 

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It's also a phenomenal way for business to find top recruits as well.  There are some who just kind of "have the knack" for this kind of thing and to be able to foster that imagination as well as develop the natural ability to work on technical and mechanical endeavors.  The participants of FIRST Robotics are quite often watched and approached by companies looking for their talents and they can move right on into college or other training programs by the merits they have attained in their time competing.  This is all a very exciting and very incredible way to teach, learn and grow.

Locally, we're very fortunate with teams.  They work together to help each other out, but like in racing... "when the green flag drops".... it's game on.  Two of our local teams have quite a little "friendly" battle going on too.  The MARS Rovers and the Mona Shores Wavelenghts have each won a local competition and they are both heading to the State Competitions this weekend..then on to the World Completions in Detroit after that!  As the local "battle" heats up, we paid a quick visit to Mona Shores to visit with the team and let them talk a little "smack".

Meet Grace Hilleary, Ethan Vitek and Wavelengths team adviser Andrew Basse in the workshop for the team at Mona Shores.



We're proud of all of our area teams.  We're also proud to continue to show you the progress of the competition as the State and World events come closer.  FIRST Robotics is just an amazing program and if you've got a young person leaning toward these kinds of doings...get them involved!  To learn more about FIRST click on the logo below to visit the main site.

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