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   The Muskegon County Board Of Commissioners invited The Muskegon Channel to broadcast the meeting live from the Louis McMurray Transit Center (MATS) in Muskegon Heights. This particular meeting concerns the proposed ending of the lease agreement with Planned Parenthood of Michigan in the county's health department building at 209 E. Apple Ave. Public comments with supporters from both sides lasted over four hours before the commissioners voted on the proposal. In the end The Muskegon County Board of Commissioners voted 6-2 to end their lease agreement with Planned Parenthood of Michigan. Here is the recording of the live video in its entirety.



Video Timeline

0:00:00 - 0:00:45  Call to Order 
0:00:45 - 0:02:01 Invocation 
0:02:01 - 0:02:20  Pledge Of Allegiance 
0:02:20 - 0:04:25 Approval of Agenda and Minutes 
0:04:25 - 4:38:15 Public Comments 
4:38:15 - 4:40:00  Committee/Board Reports
4:40:00 - 5:09:11 Board Discussion and Vote on the Lease Agreement
5:09:11 - 5:16:10 Other Businesses 
5:16:25 Adjournment 


4-16-19 Muskegon County Commission Meeting
People lined up for hours for public comments at The Louis McMurray Transit Center