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Mon, May

The Aquastar of Muskegon Sets Sail on the 2019 Season Of Cruises

Muskegon Metro Area News
Truly we are blessed to live in such a magnificent area of the World... West Michigan.... even MORE spectacular?.... That we live near (completely salt free) Lake Michigan.    We recently caught up with our dear friends at Mart Dock... Tanya Gonzalez and Patrick McKee who are gearing up for their first full season with the newly refurbished AQUASTAR!!!! 
So many fun things already planned for this first season on the lakes.... but even more possibilities that are wide open to anybody who wants to fully enjoy our gorgeous West Michigan waterfront with family and friends.  The AQUASTAR is also available for private outings.  Weddings...Receptions....Reunions...Anniversaries...Employee Parties...Midday cruises...Birthday Party cruises...Sunset cruises....YOU name it!
We here at MUSKEGON CHANNEL couldn't be more thrilled to be hosting the very first CRUISE on Friday, May 17th, The Positively Muskegon Season Opening Cruise....leaving the dock at 7:30pm for an incredible sunset cruise...    Complete with cash bar... Hours d'oeuvres....music....dancing....super fun!!!  ONLY $10.. PER PERSON!!    $10 bucks per person!!!!!!!!!
I caught up with Patrick and Tanya to find out a little more about the renovations, the cruises that are planned and how you can book your own cruise!  Take a listen! 

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We're so very lucky to have the Aquastar here!  Not only for the great cruises provided to us, but to help show those who visit what Muskegon is really all about.  It's a season of celebration with the newly revitalized Aquastar in Muskegon.