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FIRST Robotics Season Wrap Up With the MARS 4004 Team

Muskegon Metro Area News

We dabbled in the past with some stories about robotics in the area.  Kind of a sideline view of the teams and a general idea of what the competition was all about.  This year, we went a little more "full on" and followed the MARS Rovers 4004 team pretty closely as well as brought you the competition live all day on the Muskegon Channel when teams from all across the area and state met at Orchard View High School.  It was a great day for all the competitors and families and the community and it was a great day for us, because we get to work on making our long form programming a little better every time!  It was a win for everyone!


All this winning going on, well it carried across the state.  Some of our area teams continued on to the State finals and then it was on to the World Finals in Detroit to see how our local Muskegon competitors stacked up against the best in the world all the way to Ford Field for the big chamionships, which equate to the Superbowl of the FIRST Robotics competition.  

As the season came to completion, the MARS team had a meet and greet for fans, supporters and media to talk about their finish and show off some of their brass, and of course, the robot they built to help get them to their finishing spot....which I will tell you...is a very very low number when you're talking about placement.  You know "low" like 1st, 2nd or 3rd. 

The Drive Team consisting of Matthew Reynolds, Harrison McIntyre, Andrew Uriarte and Nick Gerstweiler joined me to recap the season and tell us what's to come, take a listen. 


It was an awesome year for us at the Muskegon Channel getting to know the MARS team, The Wavelengths, The Robosharks, The TechnoTrojans and on and on.  These youg people participating in the FIRST Robotics competition are brilliant, engaging and offer so much for the future.  We celebrate our athletes, we celebrate our perfomance artists and our academic achievers.  We're proud and thankful to have had a chance to share the season with all of our area robotics teams, and if you missed it, here's another look at the special we put together of the competiton day at Orchard View.  Enjoy!  We'll see ya next season!