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It's a great day in Muskegon anytime the hard work of anyone is recognized.  Let's face it.  We're really coming along and growing by leaps and bounds, but a lot of what we do still has to come from grass roots, boots on the ground volunteer efforts for so many things.  We help staff events, we help with annual happenings, we volunteer to help at schools, churches, bake sales...the list goes on and on.  We pitch in not only because it's the right thing to do, it's what we know and it's how we connect with one another as a community.  We pitch in....exclamation point!  

hcwVisit Heaven Can Wait Online

Well, a few years ago, those hands pitching in pitched in to save the lives of some little furry creatures.  Diane Valk and some friends took it upon themselves to begin a shelter for cats and kittens called Heaven Can Wait.  The goal being to stop the loss of life when it comes to cats that end up euthanized or feral, to foster cats in the homes of volunteers to keep costs to a minimum and to see to it that when the pets they do foster are adopted, they are fixed, up to date on their immunizations and micro chipped so once they get to their forever home, they can stay there and live out their days with the family that adopted them.  Since the beginning, Heaven Can Wait has been at the Muskegon Petco Location every Saturday and Sunday with some of their adoptable bundles of fur and their mission continues today.

Well, over that time the dedication and devotion has been noticed, especially by the Petco Foundation.  The Petco Foundation has been very generous with our area animal protection agencies.  In 2018 we covered the Petco Foundation and their gift to Pound Buddies on Positively Muskegon and WAY back when on Positively Muskegon we covered Petco and another grant they made to Heaven Can Wait.  Today it's another visit from the Petco Foundation to Muskegon for the presentation of a check for $40,000 to Heaven Can Wait.

It was a day filled with excitement as regional manager Joesph Haddad was on hand along with April Hamm from the local Petco store on Harvey Street in Norton Shores for the check presentation.  Take a listen. 


It's a mission of saving lives and remaining committed to helping control the population of pets and making sure those in Muskegon who work so very hard to do just that are recognized and supported.  As we've been showing you for years....Petco makes a huge difference in the lives of pets and families in Muskegon.  They are fully committed to assuring that they practice what they preach when it comes to pets and we're honored to be here to tell you the story.... again.  It never gets old.  :)  If you'd like to know more about Petco and the Petco Foundation and the great work they do, click on their logo below and visit their webiste.  We should add too, remember what you've seen today the next time you're out shopping for your pet.  We have an ally for Muskegon in Petco.