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We have heard the arguments over and over about getting a job and what kind of training should people entering the workforce have.  For the last 20-30 years, it was "Get a degree or you'll go nowhere".  Today, we're hearing more and more of the need for skilled trades workers who might not necessarily go the 4 year degree route but they can land themselves a decent paying job after some training and apprenticeship in their chosen field.  There is nothing wrong with either path, but how many communities can look at people wanting to enter the work force and say "How about a career on a ship?"  Not many, but we can. 

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Muskegon is so fortunate to be where we are.  Muskegon Lake leads to Lake Michigan which leads to the entire planet.  One thing that all of us forget in our daily lives is how very connected this planet is, and how very dependent we are on shipping.  If you glance up from this article just for a second and look around you....I would be willing to bet that at least half of everything within a glance of you has at one point or another been on a ship, it's been through a port and it's taken some pretty skilled and pretty well paid people to get it to you.  Did you catch the part about pretty well paid?  That's usually an eye grabber. 

Luckily for us in Muskegon, we have the access to all of that.  After all, we are the Port City right?  But, where do you go to begin looking into a career in maritime working?  You go Downtown Muskegon to Mart Dock on May 16th where they will be hosting their Maritime Career Fair on May 16th with 2 sessions, from 10:30-12:30 and 12p-2p.  You'll get to see in person what it takes to crew a Great Lakes freighter and meet Captains and other crew members who make it happen every day.  Get this....after training....starting pay is $5000-$7500 a month and your room and board sails right along with ya.  This is a free event, but space is limited and pre-registration is mandatory, you'll find the link to register to the right. 

Max McKee from Mart Dock invited us down to learn a little more about the career fair and the amazing opportunities there are for those willing to work, and have a little adventure....take a listen. 


Imagine that as a job early in life, or a long term career?  This is real and the time is now.  If you are looking for a job and need something more than the 9-5 clock punching thing or maybe you want a high paying job while you're deciding what your full time long term life goals are, get registered for this job fair and take full advantage of this opportunity that can only happen in Muskegon.  Our thanks to Max for having us down and our best wishes to those who pursue this awesome opportunity.   Click on the photo below to visit the Maritime Career Facebook Event page.  

maritime career day