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Mon, May

Pioneer Resources PATHS To Employment Camp Coming Up June 17th -20th

Muskegon Metro Area News

You probably see Pioneer Resources buses all over town.  The help transport people who might not otherwise be able to get where they are going by traditional methods due to a limitation or maybe age.  But the work of Pioneer Resources is much deeper than just a way to get people to and from.  From their website, the mission statement - "Our mission is to help people with disabilities and seniors attain independence and dignity by creating opportunities for participation in the community. People in pursuit of: a place to live affordable housing and specialized homes, a place to learn vocational training and community living supports programs, a way to get there transportation services, a place to grow and play camping, recreation and ABA Therapy programs."

Some of what goes on seems pretty complicated, but in the end, it's all really about being able to give people a chance where they might not otherwise have one.  How can shared knowledge or skills be given to the next generation, especially those who might have been thought to be unable to work.  In the past, some limitations have been seen as stoppers for peoples opportunities to grow and flourish, but with great organizations like Pioneer, some of those older myths about who can do what are falling away...quick! pr campClick Here to visit the PATHS Camp Page

Of course, learning some of the skills needed to hit the job market, well, those take a little more to learn things like self advocacy skills, goal setting, professionalism, rights and responsibilities, leadership skills and more.  Most anyone could use a course in those things.. this writer included.  Well, they are all being offered in a unique setting over 4 days and 3 nights at Pioneer Trails Camp on Big Blue Lake in the Manistee National Forest.  The camp runs from June 17th-20th and will feature educational and hands on learning experiences.  There will be role playing in real life situations, guest speakers, prepared curriculum and of course...it is a camp, so there will be fishing, boating, arts and crafts  and more.  It's a pretty amazing few days and nights for people 16-26 to be a part of.

I met up with Stacey Freed, Lindsey Frazier and Josh Kuer at Pioneer Resources to learn a little more.  Take a listen. 

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It's a great organization doing incredible things for people who have so very much to offer.  PATHS to employment is a great way to help build some of those essential skills in a setting that is fun, welcoming and a way for people to connect and grow together.  If you'd like to know more, please,visit https://www.pioneerresources.org/.  You can learn about the camp and all the other wonderful work they do.