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Lost Boat Ceremony at the USS Silversides Sunday May 26th

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Our place in the world gives us a chance to hold on to some memories that just can't be housed elsewhere.  We are so incredibly lucky to live on the coast of one fifth of the worlds fresh water supply, not only to enjoy the beauty and splendor it brings, but to also be able to use that water for the preservation of some pretty incredible maritime treasures, and memories that can't be forgotten to the pages of time turning.

 We have the USS LST 393 moored Downtown Muskegon, her service on D-Day alone is worthy of her status as a museum.  We've got the treasured passenger ship the Milwaukee Clipper and in the Muskegon Channel resides the USS Silversides... the 3rd most lethal US submarine in WWII.  Not only was she one of the strongest ships to serve in the "silent service" she was lucky, only losing one man to combat in the years that she, and the "Greatest Generation" saved our world from the perils we were facing.  The reality of it is too, that while the Silversides floats stoically in the channel, those who served in that war are becoming harder and harder to find... time waits for no one, and WWII people are in their 90's now.  It's our great fortune and our duty to remember and honor them. 

That's the theme of "Lost Boat" which is observed at the USS Silversides annually.  May 26th you are invited down to be a part of the ceremony where they honor the submarines and crews that were lost.  The bells will toll... flowers will be released in to the channel to remember those fallen and you'll hear from dignitaries and enjoy a fly over with the Warbirds.  There will be a picnic lunch for those who attend and it's something that only happens a few times a year and can only happen in Muskegon, the engines of the Sliversides will fire and the ship will come back to life. 

Peggy Maniates from the USS Sliversides Museum is joining me on the dock in front of this national treasure parked right in the Muskegon Channel to talk about Lost Boat, take a listen.

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The duty and honor on board this vessel should bring a tear to your eye.  Those of us who are here day in and day out often forget that world history is right in our back yard and that anyone is hard pressed to find this kind of amazing thing to see anywhere.  Make the Lost Boat part of your weekend and make sure too, that your kids understand the significance of what sits moored so close to home, and how the world is reaching out to them so history doesn't repeat itself.  To learn more about the USS Sliversides and the Museum, visit https://silversidesmuseum.org .