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It wasn't long ago, we were here telling you about the amazing gift given to the Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue from the Petco Foundation.  Heaven Can Wait is a cat rescue that fosters and shelters cats until they can find their forever homes and they work as an all volunteer platform relying on donations and grants to help keep their work going, and to help save the lives of so many cats in and around the Lakeshore area.  As the story unfolded, the Petco Foundation presented a check for $40,000 to the rescue and we were happy to be on hand to share the momentous occasion with you.  

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As we talked to some of the people from Petco, we realized that there was a second story here and that we could maybe help pet owners out by sharing a little something else Petco offers at their locations, called Vetco.  Vetco Clinics are low cost mobile care for pets and customers.  Anything from vaccines to micro chipping are offered, no appointments no exam fees.  It's just a matter of showing up and being there.  Nights and weekends are open and every clinic is run by State licensed Veterinarians so you can be sure your pet is getting the best care, at the best price.

Here's the big thing.  Micro-chipping.  It's a very easy way to identify your pet and it's as simple as an injection between their shoulder blades of a device the size of a piece of rice.  The Vetco Clinic can have it done in seconds, and your pet is then on the registry to make sur that if they wander off that they get returned to you and you go on about your happy home with pet included.

Jennifer Callender is a Veterinarian with Vetco and she made a little time to talk with us today about the next Vetco Clinic coming up in Muskegon on May 26th.  From 1:30-2:30 you can just drop in to their store on Harvey Street in Norton Shores and take advantage of the services for your pet!  Take a listen to how easy it is and how affordable too!    


Save yourself a few bucks and make sure your forever friends are taken care of.  Petco has shown some remarkable stewardship toward to Muskegon.  To learn more about Vetco and the clinics offered, prices, times and locations, click on the photo below to visit their website!  Our thanks to Petco for having us out for the story.

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