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Do you have a kid who's aspiring to be in the performing arts?  Through the eyes of a young person, the performing arts is all about the glitz and the glamour.  I'd go as far as to say they want to be like who they see on MTV but we all know that ship sailed a while ago, so...I guess they all want to be like who they see on YouTube or whatever kids are watching these days.  Who doesn't dream of that kind of life?  The ability to entertain and bring joy is powerful and on the first glance, it's something pretty much anyone would want. takes a minute to get to where you are in front of the camera's, or on the stage at Madison Square Garden, takes a lot of time and dedication to make it to be able to sound decent in a garage band, and when the realization of the determination it takes sets in for some...they might lose interest!  

So, what do you do?  You make the learning experience fun!  You give those interested in the performing arts an immersive experience with mentors who are a little further down the road than they are, but still young enough to say "Hey, look, I did can you."  It's as close to a peer to peer experience as you can get when The Young Americans come to put on a camp and in Muskegon, at Mona Shores, we are very lucky to have just that happening July 9th-13th. 

From the Young Americans Website "The Young Americans®, founded in 1962, is a charitable organization dedicated to the promotion of understanding and goodwill among people throughout the world through music, dance, performance, academic education, and cultural interaction among Student Members and their audiences."  They branch out worldwide to share their love and passion for all things music and to help foster that love in the next generation of performers.  

The week long camp at Shores will have students coming in from area districts all over West Michigan and the Midwest.  It's an awesome opportunity for kids who want to be in the arts to hang out with peers and learn from the best while they practice for a weekending show with the Young Americans cast and the students of the camp.  It's an exciting finish and a show not to be missed.

Shawn Lawton is the head of Mona Shores Choirs.  He invited me over to talk about the camp and the show, take a listen.

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I once dreamed of performing arts...tried to play a lot of different instruments, but in the end, playing records was what I did best.  Hey, I think I performed pretty well at that, although being on stage with a guitar and lights and a giant PA system and a.....well, you get it.  Help your young performer live their dreams at the Young Americans Camp at Shores this Summer.  Click here to get them registered for this amazing experience.