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Muskegon Heights Festival In the Park June 10th-15th

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Have you been to Rowan Park lately?  Well, let me tell ya...it's a great big green space right on Broadway in Muskegon Heights with plenty of shade right up around the stage and a lot of space to enjoy the grassy areas and room to party.  It's also a spot for community gatherings, meet up's, rally's and if you really want to party, well..it's the spot for the Muskegon Heights Festival In the Park!

Let's go back a few years.  When I first came to Muskegon, I was handed a list of all the neighborhood festivals that were in need of banner jobs.  Yes, that's the thing were radio stations go around and take the garbage bags that have the station logo on them and hang them everywhere you can possibly see one.  Well, it used to be that way anyway... last I recall, they cut back on the budget so you maybe got 10 garbage bag banners to hang toward the end of my radio days.  Well, most of those smaller little festivals have been a memory for quite some time.  Could it be the evolution of entertainment?  Maybe it's the way people party?  I don't know.  Even some of the big festivals that were long time staples in Muskegon couldn't hang, but there is one that's been going on for 36 years and by my count, that makes it the longest standing festival in Muskegon with maybe the exception of 4H Fairs.

I am talking about the Muskegon Heights Festival In the Park coming up June 10th-15th in beautiful Rowan Park.  It's going to be filled with something for everyone!  There will be a nice carnival midway for the kids, lot of music acts...and I mean a plethora of acts that will entertain any music fan.  Everything from gospel to rap....blues to funk, poetry and jazz and even a comedy show going on.  Not into music?  How about a free movie night in the park?  They have it!  Beverage tent....yep.... food trucks...of course.  Health screenings, the Mayors Breakfast, a 5k, a huge parade..... 36....soon to be 37 years of so much to do you can't possibly hit it all.  The prices are affordable, the entertainment goes from local to national and it's all about community and showing that the "City of Friendly People" is just that.

Mimi Rankin has been helping put this festival on for quite a few years now.  She's so passionate about the Heights and the people there.  There couldn't be a better fit for the head of this legendary festival.  We met up in Rowan Park to talk about what to expect and where to get tickets for the shows. Take a listen.

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36 years! That's a LONG time for any event.  So much fun to be had in Rowan Park over the week of the festival.  Delicious food, great music, good cheer and a chance to be welcomed to the Muskegon Heights neighborhood to enjoy some fun.  We're all working so hard in every neighborhood in our area to be our best.  It's showing more and more every day, in every corner of the community and to me, it's a breath of fresh air.  Some town festivals give you a day, in Muskegon Heights, you have a week to head over and enjoy some fun.  The full schedule of events is below!

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