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The Family Hope Foundation and Celebration Cinema Present Sensory Showtimes

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There is nothing better than being able to spend time with your family making memories together. It is so important that you are able to be yourself without worrying how it's affecting others or worrying about what they might think. If you or someone in your family has an ability different then the “norm” you sometimes are not able to go certain places because it either is not accessible or you are afraid that your or their abilities will disrupt the others around you. 
The Family Hope Foundation and Celebration Cinema Carousel has partnered up together to bring you just an event and space you may be looking for. Sensory Showtimes are for people of all ages and abilities. Celebration Cinema Carousel sets up the time 1/2hr (usually at 10:30am) before all of the other show times so that you are able to come in and get all of your goodies without worrying about all of the crowds. There is also so many awesome things to expect like, the lights will be a bit brighter, the volume of the movie will be turned down, and you will be able to get up and walk around in the theater while the movie is playing. You can also expect to hear others talking during the movie.
The Family Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides funds for therapy to families with children that have special needs, Support, recourses and activities here in West Michigan. Their Mission Statement says “Family Hope Foundation invests in children with special needs through family support, engaging community experts, advocacy through collaboration, and financial assistance to provide access to therapies.” The Family Hope Foundation does this through there recourses and programs such as Family Fun Events (like Sensory Showtimes), Advocacy and Education, and through their ever-growing Resources and information that is shared in an email or from the Community Calendar shared on the website.

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If you happened to miss the Show Time today but would like to experience one your still in luck. The upcoming schedule is as follows:
June 15th @ 10:30 am Showing The Secret Life of Pets
June 29th @ 10:30 am Showing Toy Story 4
July 27th @ 10:30 am Showing The Lion King
We hope that this is a fun event for you and your family. The cost of this event is the regular matinee price but families that are participating in the Sensory Showtimes may visit the Family Hope Foundation website and print off a barcode for $2 off of that price. (You are only able to use this discount toward the Sensory Showtime movie only.  You can visit the Family Hope Foundation at https://www.thefamilyhopefoundation.org/
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